KNAUF Aquapanel Outdoor-cement plate, exterior 12.5x900x1200mm


Knauf Aquapanel cement board and accessories – Knauf Aquapanel cement board is a new alternative to the usual, laikietilpīgajai method – mūrētām in the construction of structures, especially in the areas where it is expected to be high humidity. Aquapanel is waterproof and strong material for construction. A special cement plāsnes it is suitable for both high-quality interior of the walls and the sound of the toilet floor, as well as to the Knauf Aquapanel Outdoor – external use.

26.03 VAT incl. 24.47
VAT excl. 19.33


Thickness (mm): 12.5
Width (mm): 900
Length (mm): 1200
The number in the palette (qty.): 50
Fire safety class A1,


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